Business Idea #2 – Towing Company

It’s Bernard Menez back with the second post here on businesses that YOU can start yourself with a little ambition and hustle. So last time i talked about pest control, today we will be discussing starting a TOWING COMPANY. There’s lots of useful info i’m going to be dropping so here we go!

To Start A Tow Truck Company –

So this article will be based off of our interview with wenatchee towing company. The rest of the how to start a towing company will be listed in steps below:

Step 1

Get the list of requirements from your local city government or state government for the requirements of starting a tow truck business.  laws and net permits are necessary.  Also having a special driver’s license may be necessary.

Step 2

Purchase a Quality Tow Truck. Ensure that it stays in top condition at all times.  Your business is your truck, so you have to keep everything running smoothly.

Step 3

Get a cell phone to be used for your towing business.  Make sure you get a plan with unlimited calling so you can take a large amount of calls

Step 4

Get a commercial insurance policy to cover you and your truck as well as your future clientele.

Step 5

Arrange for testing so you can get your license approved through taking an exam this will help your company have a professional appearance

To close this article you can start your tow truck business single truck and operate from anywhere you do not need the end office. But you should be on call 24/7 and have startup capital available.

Alright that’s all for this post, i hope you got some value from this post on starting your tow truck company. Good luck to you on your adventure. Don’t forget to ask for advice, there are people out there that want to help.

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Hello, Business idea #1: Pest Control

Hey, this is Bernard Menez. On this blog to start things off i want to make a series of blog posts that explain how to start businesses successful and legally. For business #1 i want to start with Pest Control. A pest control business can be very profitable if you run and operate things the way i explain in this post so continue reading..

To start a pest control company:

Step 1:  get licensed in the state that you will be operating your business from

Step 2:  delete all registration of your company along with insurance for your business

Step 3: Pay all fees associated with getting your business up and running.

Here is a great video on the legal side of things:

Then you will need to invest in trucks and supply equipment, along with the chemicals required to treat homes and businesses for pest problems. (You will be looking at a cost in between $5,000 – $50,000 To get things rolling)

Next, after you have completed  those steps  you now can begin to market and advertise your business.  you want to be sure to invest in a website and to be seen on social media networks. It is also wise to advertise in local newspapers  and TV advertisements.

A pro to starting a pest control company is that it can be started relatively quick. In an recent interview with Lake Chelan Pest Pros the owner stated, “Within maybe 3-4 weeks everything we needed was in place and we are now running a successful pest control business, i couldn’t be happier with the decision i made, my family is much happier now that we have a family business.”

This can easily be you if you put in the time and research to get your Pest control business started in your area.

To get more information just look over my post and if you need more help getting pointed in the right direction email me and i can help you out!

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-Bernard Menez